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Daniel Goldwater

Host, Producer, Creator of Viva Voce
Attorney and Managing Partner at Goldwater, Dubé

Daniel Goldwater

Your Viva Voce Host, Managing Partner at Goldwater, Dubé
Passionate Attorney, Trend-spotting Interviewer, Fringlish Communicator

As a third-generation Montreal-born attorney, law was a natural choice for Daniel Goldwater. His grandfather started a solo practice in Montreal, which his mother, Anne-France Goldwater, eventually took over.

Daniel joined the Barreau du Quebec in 2012 and is now a practicing litigation attorney and managing partner at the thriving boutique litigation firm Goldwater, Dubé. The online talk show Viva Voce is his latest project.

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shedding light on the legal community

With Viva Voce, Daniel wants to shed light on Montreal and Quebec and Canada's legal community by talking to guests about their career story and particular expertise, what’s trending in their space and how the legal community can be improved. The episodes can be viewed or listened to across multiple distribution channels.

“The format is free-flowing, playful and authentic and designed to engage a lay audience while speaking more directly to legal communities across Montreal, Quebec and Canada,” says Daniel Goldwater. “I want to show who lawyers are, demystify what they do, why it matters, all while letting them be themselves. Many people go into law because they want to help people but they too often burn out and leave. The lawyer image, the industry itself and all internal and external expectations that go along them it can be too constricting. Let’s change that.”